Ultimate Tweak Pack



This is a 'tweaking pack' intended to people willing to improve the way DOOM 3 performs on their system. It was created by both Madley and rsjv99 whose contributions have attracted a great deal of attention so far: Ultra FPS Boost for Madley and Performance Tweak Guide for rsjrv99.



Version: 3.0
Language: English.
format: .exe , .cfg , .txt
purpose: Tweak doom ³ with on size made values.
Author : Madley and Ross Jarvis
e-mail: medley underscore tweaker at hotmail dot com and rossjarvis at gmail dot com

How to install?
Run the tweak. After creating the tweak do these folowing steps:
	-save the files as = The_name_of_the_tweak.CFG   (the dot cfg is very important)

-How to use your binds:
	-Open the bind function in the tweak.
	-Create the binds and copy them
	-Then go to the editor
	-open your self-made tweak
	-and paste it :D
- the box where you choose your VGA, it is possible to see some black tiny stripes behind the text ,delete those or that tweak won't be added

-Still problems? --> Read the HELP file...

Place the file in pack000.PK4 (Just open it with Winrar,and paste the file)
if that doesn't work, edit the doomconfig.cfg with my editor or and other third partie editor, and add the line: exec your_tweak.cfg
Also put the map glprogs in your doom 3/base folder.

A little information about the tweaks 
seta r_useVertexBuffers	
seta r_useTurboShadow
seta image_useCache
seta image_cacheMegs				
seta image_cacheMink
seta r_shadows
etc... The total amount of my tweaks is : 45 ;-)

Recommended settings:
Check Fps Boost

Check F*cking Fps boost
Don't check shadows (you almost double your fps in MP and SP when you disable shadows)
Use cache
Use a big cache :-D
use special shadows,buffers and compression
Don't use normal shadows, then you'll gain a lot of fps
All the rest is all up to you.
be sure to check what GPU you have and what card???


Thanx to
My beta testers : Frederik,lord chuckie, Prostinecky, Staaf
My helping hand : PietT,Crusader

rsjrv99 for writing the ultimate usefull tweak guide that influenced all your performance on doom 3!
Without him, there won't be so much tweaks for your system optimalisation...
ID software, to create this F--cking Nice game!

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