Ultra FPS Boost



This tool builds custom config files based on options you enable/disable on its main screen. Those are all related to graphics settings so you may find it particularly useful if your configuration constrains you to make compromises between quality and performance.




Version: 2.4
Language: English.
format: .exe
purpose: Tweak doom ³ with on size made values.
Author : Madley
e-mail: medley.tweaker AT hotmail DOT com
website: http:\www.tweakersinside.tk


Where will be file be saved? : 

? 	-default: c:\ 
? 	-But you can specify the path in the textbox, keep in mind that c:\ is already pre-entered 
? 	- Example: if you want to safe the file in your doom map, you'll need tot type: Program Files\doom 3\The_file.CFG
? 	-The .cfg is very important else Doom can't read the config file.
? 	-The text in the file is not in the correct form. you need to put every value between "Value" and put each tweak under
		 each other.

		- Example: tweaktweak 1, tweaktweaktweak 0, tweaktweakytweak 1,
		--> tweak "1"
		    tweaktweaktweak "0"
		    tweaktweakytweak "1"
?  open pack000.pk4 in your doom 3/base map.
?  call your tweak file = autoexec.cfg and paste it there, when asked,choice for comprettion = fastest, so you file will be executed very fast!

The tweaks : 	
? Cull’s
? Z-buffers en vertex buffers

? image_useCache
? limage_cacheMegs
? image_cacheMink

? com_videoRam

? image_filter

? r_useTurboShadow

Every text will show his own info when standing with your curson on it. READ it very carefuly!
The program is a bit complicated so use it whith your eyes with open and read everything.
If there are any problems, mail me , if it is a stupid problem that is caused by not looking , I won't send back.

This program is fairly made by Me (madley), if you want to put it on your site or server, please contact me, it's freeware but
still I like to know where all my hours of work are going to.



Check the F**cking FPS BOOST
Check the FPS Boost
Check the specials : -     buffering
- shadows 
- Compression
I have an fps boost with an Ati 9600 Pro of 15.8 fps!
The loading time of a level has decreased extremely!
Everything runs very very smooth!

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