Ultra FPS Boost

Another tweaker tool, that can optimize your Doom3 settings.


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Another tweaker tool, that can optimize your Doom3 settings.

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Download 'ultra_fps_tweak_21.5.rar' (501KB)

Version: 2.5
Language: English.
format: .exe
purpose: Tweak doom ┬│ with on size made values.
Author : Madley
e-mail: [email protected]
website: http:\www.tweakersinside.tk

How to install?
Run the tweak. After creating the tweak do these folowing steps:
	-save the files as = autoexec.CFG   (the dot cfg is very important)
	-Open it in notepad and edit the values
		Example: com_showFps (1) That must be : com_showFps "1"
		Change every () in "" (brackets)

Place the file in pack000.PK4 
Then put the map glprogs in your doom 3/base folder.

A little information about the tweaks 
seta r_useVertexBuffers	
seta r_useTurboShadow
seta image_useCache
seta image_cacheMegs				
seta image_cacheMink
etc... The total amount of my tweaks is : 45 ;-)

Recommended settings:
Check Fps Boost
Check F*cking Fps boost
Don't check shadows
Use cache
use special shadows,buffers and compression
All the rest is all up to you.

Thanx to
My beta testers : Frederik,lord chuckie, Prostinecky
My helping hand : PietT,Crusader

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