Ultra Quality Performance Tutorial



This is a simple straightforward guide to getting a 128MB video card in a system with 1GB of ram to run Doom 3 in Ultra Quality mode without stuttering - Or to getting a 128MB video card to run High Quality mode without stuttering in a 512MB System. Is it impossible? HELL NO, my 9700 runs Ultra just fine.

The guide includes a custom autoexec config, and Doomconfig - BY NO MEANS DO YOU HAVE TO USE THESE TO GET THIS TO WORK!! I'm not an idiot i came upon this solution through logic and experimentation NOT by disabling shadows! Included is a step by step guide including how to edit your current config if you think mine are satanic or otherwise infectious ;) Theres also some performance tips i've found to work as well as my results from using them.



Doom 3 Ultra Quality Performance Tutorial
Tutorial by: ThanatosTyrranous
E-Mail: Compguru76 AT yahoo DOT com
Description: THis tutorial will enable your 128Mb video 
card to run Doom 3 In Ultra quality Mode
version 1.5

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