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This is my second mod (former mod being Ultra Realistic Tactical Lights) that fol...


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This is my second mod (former mod being Ultra Realistic Tactical Lights) that follows on with my ultra realistic series this is a shotgun mod that don't just beef up the damage/and kick like all the other weapon enhancement mods out there. The zip contains two shots showing new wound decals and new projectile format! Along with readme including installation instructions. See what you think, if you like stick it up for me.

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Download 'ultra_realistic_shotgun_mod.zip' (25KB)

This being my second mod i wanted to continue with the ultra realistic series so i've turned my attention to the shotgun.
Now ive pretty much left the damage the same but iv'e rebalanced the destructive power by increasing the amount of projectiles that it fires to something more in keeping with a real cartidge (around 60 in this case, cast forth for your flesh tearing needs) each does 2.5 damage (this is to make up for the fact that alot more shot will find there target thus causing more damage! 

Have increased the spread of the shot a little and decreased the size of the decal left on  surfaces other than flesh, (this gives a much more realistic peppering effect).

Have increased the knockback a little (and only a little). 

Have created a new wound texture that give the effect of have being struck with many smaller projectiles! Nice!! 

couple of other little fixes that have become the norm with these types of mods ie, Reload trick no longer 2 for 1 and such. 

This version is currently not compatible with any other mods that change shotgun def or script files (ie, tactical/flashlight mods), but with a bit a copy and paste you should be able to make it all fit to your satisfaction.


Just copy the .pk4 file to your base directory or create a mod directory and copy the file there! 

Anyhow people i hope this little mod takes your fancy and if so feed back is greatly appritiated!


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