This mod is derived from the famous Duct Tape mod that "sticks flashlights to your machinegun and shotgun". Yet, there are questionable choices with it: not all weapons get a flashlight, light beam is tight.

VariLight addresses those points by binding a flashlight to more weapons and extending the light beam radius. It also gives the pistol a laser sight!

There will be updates to this mod, so don't hesitate to post comments about it.




VariLight Mod by BOFH - Last Updated 30/08/2004

Quick Start:

To install, copy the VariLight PK4 file into your \Doom 3\base\ directory, and then start Doom as normal.

Caution: Do NOT unpack your PK4 files if someone tells you to. It's a stupid thing to do, and stops this mod from working. Don't do it.


Version 1.3 - Fixed a lot of intensities, the overall effect is much nicer now :) Also adjusted the range of the laser sight so that it's more effective against long-range targets.
Version 1.2 - Added chaingun and plasmagun glows. Updated machinegun glow.
Version 1.1 - fixed the laser sight positioning when using the pistol.

Full details:

VariLight is the result of one man's search, and crusade, against the fucking cramped, enclosed, GODDAMN PITCH BLACK scenes in this year's new flagship first-person-shooter, Doom III.

-- DOOM III rant removed as per advice of blanco meow --

So, on with the mod :)

Basically VariLight is based on Duct Tape (http://ducttape.glenmurphy.com/), and whilst Duct Tape is an awesome mod in its own right, it lacks a few things. Firstly, the creator saw fit to reduce the size of the spotlight projected by the weapons, in comparison to previous versions of the mod. Secondly, he didn't apply it to the pistol, chaingun, plasma gun, BFG, etc; only Shotgun and Machinegun are give the capability, which I personally think is a bit naff. At the moment, this mod features the machinegun, shotgun, chaingun, and plasmagun, and the added bonus of a red light/laser sight on the pistol, which should come in handy :)

So differences between this and Duct Tape? The size of the light beams projected is enormously different. Whilst in Duct Tape, you'll always get a tight, focussed beam of light, not more than a couple of inches wide, on VariLight you'll get anywhere from your entire screen being lit up (by the Shotgun), to not more than three or so inches with the Machine Gun. The idea is, the accuracy of the gun dictates the field of vision given by the improved lighting, and the intensity of the light, as well as the light map itself varies between each weapons.

If you have any questions, don't hesistate to contact me at [email protected].

Future updates to this will be posted at http://osfocus.net/VariLight/, so please check there for updates as an when they are made available.

Thanks, once again, to the Duct Tape guys for making this possible with their original mod.


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