VariLight Mod



Basically VariLight is based on Duct Tape ( http://ducttape.glenmurphy.com ), and whilst Duct Tape is an awesome mod in its own right, it lacks a few things. Firstly, the creator saw fit to reduce the size of the spotlight projected by the weapons, in comparison to previous versions of the mod. Secondly, he didn't apply it to the pistol, chaingun, plasma gun, BFG, etc; only Shotgun and Machinegun are given the capability. At the moment, this mod only features the machinegun and the shotgun as well, but with the added bonus of a red light/laser sight on the pistol, which should come in handy! :)

So differences between this and Duct Tape? The size of the light beams projected is enormously different. Whilst in Duct Tape, you'll always get a tight, focussed beam of light, not more than a couple of inches wide, on VariLight you'll get anywhere from your entire screen being lit up (by the Shotgun), to not more than three or so inches with the Machine Gun. The idea is, the accuracy of the gun dictates the field of vision given by the improved lighting, and the intensity of the light, as well as the light map itself varies between each weapons.

To install, copy the VariLight PK4 file into your Doom 3 base directory, and then start Doom as normal.


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