This is a collaboration of a few mods to make, in my opinion, the best lighting with visual enhancers mod. This version might not work properly with other mods... use this mod by itself, you will have a better enjoyment with it. This mod is for people who want to play a hard game with more realism, no unlimited ammo here.

I did not like how the flash light mods were made. so I took the best mods that I could find and changed things. I have removed the cross hairs and replaced it with laser sightings (most of them even glows to give you enough lighting in the dark, but not enough to make you fell like you are cheating). I have also pushed the visuals to a higher level.


- Made the laser sighting have perfect aim (View 1.1 was a little off from the laser sight to where you actually shot) - Zombies come back to life (lower % of coming back to life, plus more time needed to come back to life than original mod) - Bullet shells stay behind - Added "Detailed Doom3" only to zombies, weapons and undead (everything else stayed the same) - Added "PolyModifier"



view 1.1

-more laser sights
-new splash page
-plasmgun has a glowing laser sight for night vision.
-added 'plasma radar'.

view 1.0

-chaingun, machine gun and shotgun has a glowing laser sight for night
-no cross hairs, use the laser sighting instead.
-higher level of visual effects (parallaxmappingmod and ueqmod was added).
-less gibs.
-more blood.

have fun with this mod, and you can change it as much as you want.

vilhena AT telus DOT net


place the 'veiw 1.2' file in your base folder (C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base) 
or create a folder called 'view' in this area (C:\Program Files\Doom 3) and 
extract the veiw file in there.

mod's that I got ideas from or used thier work to make mine...


I give all the credit to the people who made those mods before my mod (with 
out them i would have very little).

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