This is a sweet looking skin-pack by Vorses that will livin' up your Doom 3 gaming adventure You will definately want to add these to your game, this pack is sure to increase the fun-factor and set new levels for your gaming experience! At first gance, you'll notice a difference in the skins of: Archvile, Commando, Hellknight, Pinky & Wraith... (don't believe me? Check out the screenies!) and I'm sure you'll agree, this is a change for the better!

Don't be the last D3 gamer to get this skin-pack! For the low low price of a free download, you to can enhance your encounter with the Doom 3 baddies!

Refer to the readme for installation instructions.



All you have to do is extract the contents of this zip file to a folder in your Doom3 directory. For practicalities sake, I would recommend making a foldier with the exact name as of the pk4 file. 

Then, load up Doom 3. Click mods at the lower-right. If installed properly, you should see Vorse's Skins underneath Doom 3. Click on it and the mod should be activated. Start a new game and enjoy the skins. :)

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