There was a glitch involving the Cacodemon, I had to toss the skin. Therefore, until I make a re-placement, the default Cacodemon skin will be used in its place. In addition to this, i have included more screenshots of more of the monsters for those of you that were not satisfied with the limited amount that were shown on this portion of D3files. I hope you enjoy the addition screens

In addition, I must remind the downloaders that this is for Ultra Quality. The skins will not show up below Ultra Quality. The bump-maps will be seen, but the same default skin as in color will not be shown. Therefore, in order to really use these skins, you must enable Ultra Quality within the Doom 3 options in-game to get the full effect.



All you have to do is extract the contents of this zip file to a folder in your Doom3 directory. For practicalities sake, I would recommend making a foldier with the exact name as of the pk4 file. 

Then, load up Doom 3. Click mods at the lower-right. If installed properly, you should see Vorse's Skins underneath Doom 3. Click on it and the mod should be activated. Start a new game and enjoy the skins. :)

Enjoy people. If there is to be an update, I will let everyone know by leaving a comment.

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