Waste Plant



Waste facility is a map still in beta that the author wants feedback on in order to improve it as much as he can to suite the community - a nice jesture :)

This map has a lot of small corridors to run around, by small I mean you'll struggle to fit two people side by side which can be a problem in DM, especially TDM.

Everywhere is pretty dark making it a good map for DM in Doom 3 because it makes it harder to just shoot when you can't see, you have to plan an attack to be successful. The lighting is well thought out and suites the map very well, this fits well with the textures that in many areas are dank and filthy, fitting for a waste facility. I will say in some places though there should be more light, places where the textures are clean would suggest workmen would be found there and they wouldn't work in absolute darkness, it just feels out of place.

There's plenty of ambient sounds going on, no silent steam or flames, noise wherever you go - I always find this is great for immersion into a game, makes it feel more 'real' if that's the right word. One thing I couldn't get used to is the music...there's a button in the map to turn it on and off and damn that is some odd music!

Reviewed by: WadeV1589



Waste Plant Deathmatch For Doom3 
by LaVaMan
Another Simple Dm map, just over 2000 brushes.
Thought i would release this as it been lying on my hard drive for a while gathering dust and i just dont have the time to do any updating on it as The Evil mod is sucking up most of my spare time.
The entities seem to react differently in Mp mode so i had to remove some of the interactive stuff which were causing problems.

Music by Lavaman and J

Place waste_plant.pk4 in your doom3/base dir
Map can be run from the Multiplayer menu

Have Fun
Lavaman AT Planetquake.com

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