Weapons for Mass Destruction

This is a weapon/sound modification for Sp Coop and Lms Coop and its ONLY created for Lms 1.0 It WILL crash in origina...


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This is a weapon/sound modification for Sp Coop and Lms Coop and its ONLY created for Lms 1.0! It WILL crash in original Doom 3. And this mod is created for mass-demon-slaghter!!! (MUHUHUHAHAHAHA)

Changes on LMS Weapons:

Pistol (Lms): Its no longer 3 burst pistol.... Its a fully automatic pistol! Its good to use when you're out of ammo on the other weapons. It has also a new sound when you shoot. It fires like the original machinegun. The weapon has now 30 ammo.

Pistol (Sp coop): The Sp coop pistol is now a slower autopistol and has the same Lms pistol sound. Its has 30 ammo.

Db shotgun (Lms of course): New sounds. Reload sounds are from Laggmann the shoot sound is heavy modified from the original sound.

Shotgun (Sp Coop): Reloads 1 shell at time but it shoots/Pumps faster.

Machinegun (Lms): fires litte bit faster now .Because of the autopistol! (difficult to notice that)

Chaingun (LMS): Fires faster and its good at mass demon slaughter. New sound by Laggmann good to use in KF. It has now 120 ammo.

Chaingun (Sp coop): Because of that i couldnt use the original sounds so i had no choice to modify this too!!! Same as the Lms chaingun.

Plasmathrower (Lms): Good bye boring plasmathrower!! It is now a 100% plasma gun from original Doom 3.

Plasmasniper (LMS!!!!): Shoots faster (better fire_rate) and stronger.

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Download 'mp_wfmd_weapons_for_mass_destruction_v1.zip' (9.95MB)

Name: WFMD (Weapons For Mass Destruction)
Made by: Herr_Virus
Contact: Comking AT spray.se


Unzip the file Lms101.pk4 into you Lms_1.0 directory (Do not create a new)
and just run Lms and the mod will load automatlicy.

-How to join a server with WFMD:

Just join a server and the party begins

If the server host does not have the WFMD mod then lms will use
his original Lms weapons but you have to restart Lms if you want to use WMFD weapons again on another server

-How to create a server with WFMD weapons:

Just create!

Remember that all players must have the WFMD mod to join!

A good tip is to include the text 'WFMD mod!' on your server name so the player can
see that they will need the WFMD mod to join 

Additional files:
-Music files created by Laggmann! I had no choice to include the 2 music files.
-A text file that shows how much score you get when you kill an enemy. 
Discovered by Herr_Virus by reading some game scripts!
contact me if this information can be false

-a text file with all cabinet codes in Sp coop! (GREAT!!!!)

Known bugs: 
-Do not cheat.....Do not type Give all in the console then you get 2 original plasma gun (one with 30 ammo and one with 60) 
 its necessary to fix that..........

-If you had played on a server with original weapons and you want to join 
another server wich has support for WFMD then you must restart Lms 
that means that you must exit the game and run it again. Vid_restart on the console will not work

Thanks to: Laggmann for additional sounds

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