Zombie Swarm

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This is actualy a pretty fun little single player mod. If you are looking for a good story or a wide variaty of stuff to do, then go and download a different mod. But if you're just out to go kick some Zombie ass, you can do that right here. The map is a little "arena" like setting with dense fog and little light. You spawn next to a gattlingun and loads of ammo. And after a few seconds loads, of zombies come sneeking towards you. Technicaly the map is nothing special, the lighing at the spawnpoint is lovelessly placed, and there isnt realy much detail in the map. But it deliveres what it promisses, alot of zombies to take down one after the other with the gattlinggun or the mashinegun. All in all I have to say its worh the download for those 5 minutes of fun in between. If you dont load this map with too high expectations, you wont be disapointed. No I have to go back to kick more Zombie ass.




Zombie Swarm

Version: 	1.0
Date: 	  	September 2004
Author:		Albert Santoni 
		aka. GameGod

Website: 	http://www.e-filler.ca/void4
Email: 		gamegod AT sympatico DOT ca
Skype: 		gamegod

Special Thanks:	Onion, iD Software


This map is a proof of concept of a what could possibly become a popular style of Doom3 SP/MP map (or even mod) - "swarm".
The idea is basically that you take on as many enemies as possible for as long as possible.

In this specific map, you're pitted against a stream of zombies coming across a gloomy martian terrain.

Installation and Usage

Unpack zombieswarm.pk4 to your Doom 3/base directory.
To play the map, pull down the console (ctrl-alt-~) and type "map zombieswarm" then hit enter.

Additional Notes (to mappers)

As expressed in the description above, this map is a proof of concept. Although playing this map will surely get stale after a while, I personally don't think that the potential for fun contained in this style of map has been anywhere near fully exploited by this map.
For example, it would really spice things up if there were monsters spawning behind the player, as well as in front. It's also very fun to camp at the top of the hill in the map and fight off monsters that way, so I'm sure someone could make a KILLER "defend the hill" style map like this. Another thing I'd like to point out is that in all reality, there aren't that many monsters coming at you in this map - you're never overwhelmed. In order to get around the framerate issues that would surely be encountered if someone tried to double the number of zombies in a map like this, one would have to make the zombies a little more tactical - that is, leave the number of zombies lower so that the framerate is still good, but place  the spawners closer to the player, and force the player to fight on more than one front (surround the player) - it will bring on a much greater challenge, without hurting the framerate.
I'd also like to add that the lightning effect is a custom particle effect I derived from the sab_lightning particle effect, if anyone wants to use it.
Oh, and please feel free to crack open the .map file and see how I did anything. :)

Known Issues

- If the zombie bodies aren't eventually blown up, the zombies will eventually stop spawning... so if they're thinning out, open up on some bodies, and they'll start coming again.
- The whole point of the lightning in the first place was to provide a mechanism for automatically clearing bodies, but I couldn't make a func_explosion repeat, so I had to turn on and off a trigger_hurt to make the lightning strikes deadly (but they still don't blow stuff up....)
- This map isn't NEARLY optimized enough. I apologize in advance to anyone who has framerate issues with this map. (It was tested on a P4 2.53Ghz with 512MB PC-1066 RDRAM and a GeForce4 Ti4200.)


Please feel free to distribute this map in any form you like.
(Hell, go ahead and edit it then redistribute it! I encourage people to use this map as a base for their own works. If you feel like giving me credit somewhere along the line, go ahead, if you don't, it doesn't matter to me.) :)

Oh, and if you're going to throw this map on something cool like a magazine CD, I'd appreciate it if you just gave me a heads up, but again, it's not a big deal.

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