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Doom III 'Tixel' and 'Pixel', John Carmacks Rockets

Some time ago, John Carmack and his team, 'Armadillo', entered the Lunar Lander Challenge, where a team builds a few rockets, attempts to make them hover 50m from the ground, and then move 100m away. They must then land, and then go back to the starting pad. The team that successfully does this get's $350,000 (enough to make DooM 4 ;) ). Armadillo was the on...


Doom III RoE gameplay tightened up

Our friends over at planet doom have recently had a gander at the Resurrection of evil expansion pack for Doom3. They comment on the improvement of gameplay and the removal/reduction of "Monster closets" the silly little areas which dropped down when picking up armour or the like, like the demons were all hiding in a box going "Sshhhh quiet he’s coming." T...


Doom III Doom 3 SDK help files available soon

For all of those who are having problems with the D3f SDK a help file will be available soon to download from d3files . ;) . The SDK help files are still in the making and will be uploaded as soon as possible .


Doom III Quote from GamePro

"You always have a flashlight in the game, execpt for when you go to hell, then we take your flashlight away" that is a caption for a pic where you are holding a flashlight on a dark corner and there is a monster hidding... Next Quote.... "Doom" isnt the only four lettwor word gamers will likely say when they run into a horde of skittering trites...


Doom III Random Doom III pictures

I just got some random Doom III pictures off of Google. I think they are all from Quakecon. Enjoy (I think one might make a good PoTD, you will definitely know wich one)! -SpartanVII


Doom III Happy Birthday Christian 'Xian' Antkow!

Xian from id software has a birthday today! Congratulations from here, hope you'll get a great day ;) You can read some highlights and memories of Xians career over at and thanks to her for supplying those news. There's also a celebration thread over at the Quake3World forums, right here. Again, Grats man!


Doom III Interview with Caryn 'Hellchick' Law proves what people have waited for in ages!

In a recent interview at HomeLAN, Caryn 'Hellchick' Law, Public Relations at Activision, when asked about Doom III, this is her response: HomeLAN - Of course, the big game that you will have a part in promoting is Doom III. When can we expect to see news on that game? Caryn Law - Soon, very soon, my friend. DOOM III is, as you know, a game so shroud...


Doom III Happy New Year :)

Just thought I'd throw in some words, I wish all of you a happy new year and I can't wait to see what 2003 will bring us. Fame? Fortune? Or even Doom III? Happy New Year fellow gamers!!


Doom III What did Todd Hollenshead feel about the leak ?

Well, now we know he doesnt like having his pants taken off in the crowd: GD: Were you disappointed to see the E3 demo leaked, or secretly pleased, since the overwhelming response has been positive? TH: That was very disappointing. As a developer, as a creator of a work, you never like to see you work released in a format that wasn't under your cont...


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