dbz2blood in progress

I've heard of some developers taking a bit of a break after putting some blood, sweat and tears into into their creations, and, it would app...

0 16 years ago
MSUM Science Labs

Submitted by godsmistake This is a preview for an upcoming SP map. The map is based on the new state-of-the-art Science Laboratory buildin...

0 19 years ago
Blade Runner for Resurrection of Evil

Talented mapper [b]TheMatrixer[/b] is working on his fourth multiplayer map for Resurrection of Evil. This time, it's based on the movie [u]...

0 19 years ago
Defiled Ruins

This is a Single Player map on which [b]Desmasic[/b] is currently working. Just for the record, it was initially to be part of [i]Last Man S...

0 19 years ago
Phobos Revelations

This is a single player level being worked out by [b]DeamosSeraphim[/b]. He posted a couple of WIP screenshots today [url="http://www.doom3w...

0 19 years ago
What's Next After Evil Empire

We got news from [b]Shamino[/b] today, he's working on two MP maps; the first of both will support CTF and feature a set of Egyptian-styled ...

0 19 years ago
DOOMed by Zizz V2

Recall [file="37696"]this SP map[/file] released about a month ago? [b]ZizZ[/b], his author, is working on a sequel and has posted a few scr...

0 19 years ago
MP Thomasc

This is the temporary name of a MP level that [b]T Creutzenberg[/b] is currently creating. Depending on how it turns out and possibly how it...

0 19 years ago

There are some nice screenshots of a map in progress at [b]DOOM3World[/b]. I don't know whether it is SP or MP but it is going quite large a...

0 19 years ago
Mars Terraformer

This is a SP map that has been in the making for quite some time (08/2k4); he deserves a mention in the news as it looks very promising -- i...

0 19 years ago
[MP] Chaocity3

[b]Dj Dooms Day[/b] is currently in the process of recreating a Half-Life map for DOOM 3. I'm not sure which one it is but it will be huge a...

0 19 years ago

This is an upcoming MP map for DOOM 3. Its author [b]MelvinB[/b] had already released it for [b]Unreal Tournament 2004[/b] last December and...

0 19 years ago