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Doom III ATI - Threatened by Takeover

Not DOOM 3-related yet an important news for gamers. An article posted at Ars Technica writes that ATI may be the target of a stock takeover for a hostile buy. Apparently, rumors started last month after it issued disappointing financial results for the fiscal third quarter 2005 and lowered its expectations for the fourth (see this news for details). The nam...


Doom III DOOM Movie Monster Sculptures

Someone on Ebay is selling the early DOOM Movie Preproduction Monster Sculptures from back in the 90's. Back when DOOM was first to be made into movie, three little guys were created as models for the creatures that were to be used in the movie. They are now for sale and the bidding starts at a paltry $500.Want to look at them? Head on over to this auction a...


Doom III Planet Doom Released Walkthrough Resurrection of Evil

Planet Doom released a walkthrough of DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil, you can find the walkthrough here, this will come in handy when you don't know how to play a certain level in DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil.


Doom III POTD Queue Update

Id like to inform everybody that we are currently "backed up" with PoTD's from 09-01-2004.... I will be using common sence and deleting several of them probaly. Keep on Sending!


Doom III New Guy In Town

Hiya... Ive been drafted... errrr... I mean.. I am now working here at D3 Files (w00t). I hate making speaches, so ill make this short :). Ill be doing pretty much everything.. from News-Files-Comments. If you need anything special, or just wanna drop a line MSN: Email: Thanks! TheOneCalledA1


Doom III DOOM 3 Put Up for Auction

A guy nicknamed sudanrelief sells a special copy of DOOM 3 over at eBay. It is signed by the production team and the majority of the benefits (85%) will go to United States Fund for UNICEF to "support victims of the Genocide in Sudan". The current bid is pretty high currently: $78 and is to end tomorrow. sudanrelief seems to be liking that kind of auct...


Doom III DOOM 3 Ain't A Kid-Friendly Game

At least, this is what claims a so-called leading US organization titled The National Institute on Media and the Family that introduce itself as "the nation’s leading resource on the effects of video games on children" and whose mission is to "examine the impact of electronic media on families". They have release yesterday their "Ninth Annual MediaWise...


Doom III No File Today

.. Probably. The file upload tech is apparently broken and no that's not my fault .. at least I hope so; I have been trying several times but no luck :/ and obviously I'm not the one around the FN sites to experience this problem. Normally, everything should be back to normal tomorrow ;)


Doom III Doom The Story

For anyone and everyone that is an avid fan of reading and DOOM will be happy to read this. Nik Petsev has just recently posted his 300-Page DOOM story for all to read on the internet all you have to do is go to click on Nik P.'s Story download it and get ready for a nice, long read. One last thing you need adobe acroba...


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