Dungeon Siege

Your adventures take place in the Kingdom of Ehb, one of the youngest states bordering the Plain of Tears. Protected by a ring of superb fortifications and heir to the 10th Legion – arguably one of th...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
MageWorld v3.1 357.1MB 1,434
Mageworld Journal 1.0 441KB 146
Dungeon Siege Fan Site Kit 7.45MB 28
GUNgeon Siege v2 4.44MB 906
Dungeon Siege V Mod 4.94MB 439
Siege of the Three Kingdoms Weapons Pack #2 1.91MB 671
Nemesis Sword v1.0 283KB 833
Rebel's Dragon Fang 15KB 725
Super LIGHTSABER mod 2.52MB 2,531
ASP Viewer 254KB 2,197
DS Find File 107KB 117
DS Map Gen 545KB 249
DS Raw Converter 416KB 145
Dungeon Siege Development Console 29KB 68
Dungeon Siege DLL Skrit Wrapper 26KB 63
Dungeon Siege Editor v1.7 22.68MB 1,313
Dungeon Siege Logging Interface 23KB 47
Dungeon Siege Power Leveler 459KB 2,032
Dungeon Siege Toolkit v1.1a Update 5.05MB 68
Elemental Hex List Creator 5KB 216
Elemental Siege Max Update 1.3 100KB 108
Gas Viewer 2.27MB 454
Lore Editor 203KB 130
Lore Editor Help 693KB 71
Naming Key Converter 164KB 60
Node Viewer 283KB 156
Psd to Flm Converter 59KB 147
Psd to Raw Converter 46KB 127
Raw To Bmp 76KB 353
Psd to Raw Converter 2 58KB 290
Raw to Psd Gui Frontend 146KB 243
Raw to Psd Converter 57KB 512
Skrit Pad 457KB 420
Raw To Psd Source 3KB 82
Tank Viewer 382KB 1,829
Tank Creator 246KB 1,944
Stat calculator 28KB 484
BountyHunter MOD 196KB 576
ChemSpray Weapon 145KB 301
Elven Swords / The One Ring Mod 105KB 937
Fire and Electric Items 50KB 1,711
Merik's Weapons 8KB 566
Dungeon Siege Dragon poster 400x600 50KB 22
Dungeon Siege Dragon poster bmp 515KB 6
Dungeon Siege Dragon poster 512x768 827KB 7
Dungeon Siege Dragon poster 720x1080 1.55MB 60
Dungeon Siege Wallpaper (800x600) 88KB 53
Dungeon Siege Model Pack 280KB 450
Shadows of Winter Wallpapers 329KB 52
DSTK Art PacksTM - Armor 4.62MB 86