Dungeon Siege

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Steels World II - The Bone Invasion V2.1 Guest 15.53MB 1,221
Dungeon Siege Revived v0.9.0 Guest 5.12MB 2,302
Selix of Doom's Mod Pack Guest 21.21MB 952
Azrus Revell's "Einlanzer" model for Dungeon Siege Guest 293KB 314
Azrus Revell's "Einlanzer Pack" Release 2 Guest 1.67MB 3,592
Elemental 3 Mod Guest 477.91MB 7,064
Mageworld v1.0 Guest 343.03MB 9,789
MageWorld Mod Guest 343.03MB 9,018
Cat Mansion Plus Pack v1.0beta Guest 20.16MB 12,739
Siege of the Three Kingdoms Weapons Pack 3 Guest 2.55MB 1,831
Siege of the Three Kingdoms Weapons Pack Guest 1.51MB 611
Siege of the Three Kingdoms Guest 2.55MB 451
Dark and Light Elves v3.0 Mod Guest 19.13MB 710
Cat Mansion Plus Pack v2.0 Guest 37.29MB 5,308
Heroes Compilation v1.0 Guest 34.75MB 1,421
Giovanna's Blood Armor Guest 1KB 269
Girl Armor Mod v5 Guest 13.85MB 3,570
Blondi's Mod Guest 151KB 519
Circle of Lorent Guest 8.44MB 649
!Spawn! Guest 489KB 481
Atomic`s SFX and Spell Pack Guest 84KB 341
AutoUsePotions v0.75 Guest 7KB 533
Chicken Droppings Guest 3KB 598
Chicken Run Get Items Guest 3KB 364
Chow's Spawn Guest 1.08MB 130
Dungeon Siege - Killer Pack Mules v1.0 Guest 5KB 150
Elddim to Fallraen Run Guest 451KB 206
Experience Columns Guest 6KB 120
eXpertAi v0.6 Guest 2.1MB 218
FormulaMOD v1.4 Guest 14KB 131
Ikkyo's Multiplayer Quest Save Beta 6 Guest 277KB 168
Kane's Experience Rings Guest 2KB 1,331
Killer Mod Guest 14KB 526
Level 1500 Mod Guest 8KB 566
Level 300 Mod Guest 8KB 610
MiniMapMod Guest 3KB 403
ModelHack0.1b Guest 6.53MB 547
Myros Mod Guest 181KB 903
NewView Guest 34KB 629
Skin Mods Guest 664KB 406
Transmute/NPC kill Guest 361KB 160
Umbrella's FLAME MOD Guest 512KB 169
Yesterhaven SP Mod Guest 2.12MB 278
Zaurian Transform Guest 4KB 199
ZT Complete Mod Guest 1.55MB 405
BlackSwordV1.0 Guest 75KB 899
BountyHunter MOD Guest 196KB 576
ChemSpray Weapon Guest 145KB 301
Elven Swords / The One Ring Mod Guest 105KB 937
Fire and Electric Items Guest 50KB 1,711
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