Bethesda E3 Showcase Roundup - Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Fallout 76 and more!

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Published by RadioactiveLobster 6 months ago , last updated 6 months ago

Bethesda's 4th E3 Showcase has just wrapped up with a major tease of Elder Scrolls VI, though don't hold your breath as it's many years away. Game Director Todd Howard stated this is the game after their next big game, Starfield. Starfield is the first wholly original game from Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years. It's been teased as a "next-gen" RPG that we might not see until the PS5 or next Xbox. There is free DLC releasing today for Prey with more DLC coming in the future and we got a trailer for Skyrim: Very Special Edition. A new mobile game called Elder Scrolls: Blades is coming later this year and there are plans to put it on every platform they can from phones to high end gaming rigs with VR.

Take a look below for the some of the details from this years Bethesda E3 Showcase. You can rewatch the entire conference on Bethesda's YouTube channel here.


The showcase started with a musical performance by Andrew WK before launching into a trailer for RAGE 2, a game announced by Bethesda last month with help from Walmart of Canada. RAGE 2 has you following Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland as you roam a huge open world in your fight against The Authority.

The Elder Scrolls Legends

New changes to The Elder Scrolls Legends were detailed with an upcoming overhaul of the visuals and more.

DOOM Eternal

A full sequel to 2016's DOOM was announced with twice as many demons and and Hell on Earth. The full game will be revealed at QuakeCon in August 2018.

Quake Champions

New characters are coming to Quake Champions and you can play for free from June 10-17 and you'll get to keep playing after for free if you join up during the free week.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Follow BJ Blazkowicz's twin daughters, Jess and Soph, in Nazi occupied Paris as they search for their missing father. It's 1980, 19 years since the events of Wolfenstein II. The entire game can be played solo or in coop.

Fallout 76

Todd Howard came out to detail what Fallout 76 is and how we'll be playing it. It's an online game where you can play with dozens (not hundreds or thousands) of other players to rebuild the world after nuclear war. You can even launch your own nuclear weapons at others though you'll have to work together to get access to the various silo's around the map.

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