Devolver Digital E3 (Well, Big Fancy Press Conference) Round-Up: SCUM, My Friend Pedro, Metal Wolf Chaos XD

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Published by Plokite_Wolf 6 months ago , last updated 6 months ago

Devolver Digital's "Big Fancy Press Conference", like their last year's E3 debut, was expectedly a combination of brief game trailer reels and a 15-minute sketch in which they basically portray how they and the general public perceive big publishers and their conferences. Imagos Films was once more behind the production, with Mahria Zook reprising her role as "chief synergy officer" Nina Struthers (who miraculously survived having her mind literally blown up last year), Karleena Gore as the nerdy sidekick Margaret, and a surprise appearance which we won't spoil if you didn't watch the "conference" itself yet.

Anyway, without further delay, check a look at what Devolver Digital presented to arrive in the near future's future future.


The small Croatian studio Gamepires teamed up with their countrymates Croteam to create the open world prison survival game SCUM, which will be available in early access on Steam this August. 

My Friend Pedro

This game's over-the-top premise involves a man going on a killing spree at the will of his friend sentient banana. From what can be seen, the game involves platforming, pulling off special moves and entering slow motion while killing endless enemies. It is being developed by DeadToast Entertainment.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

As was teased before the "conference", From Software will be releasing a Metal Wolf Chaos game through Devolver Digital. To be specific, it will be an enhanced re-release of the 2004 Xbox original, and will be out for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

However, this showcase did not feature the recently announced Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass by Croteam in any way.

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