EA's E3 Roundup: Battlefield V, Anthem, Origin Access and more!

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Published by FileTrekker 6 months ago , last updated 6 months ago

Electronic Arts have kicked off this year's E3 press conference, and brought with them a whole host of announcements surrounding Battlefield, their popular sports franchises, and some new projects coming to their Origin service. Here's our roundup and thoughts on the main takeaways from EA's E3 2018 press briefing;

Battlefield V

The ever popular franchises' upcoming WW2 shooter has got a brand new multiplayer trailer, below, and also confirmation was made that the long rumoured Battle Royale mode will indeed be coming to the game. Will it have what it takes to overtake the popularity of PUBG and Fortnite? It's certainly a contender to make waves in this new Battle Royale trend, so watch this space.



There's no denying the popularity of the FIFA franchise in the UK and Europe, and elsewhere in the world where soccer is a major sport. It's pretty big news then that EA are partnering with UEFA, the reglatory body responsible for the Champions League, to bring licensed teams, tournaments and more to the game. 


Star Wars: Jedi — Fallen Order

Vince Zampella from Respawn Entertainment made the rather bizzare announcement sitting in the audience, that his team are working on a new Star Wars game called Jedi: Fallen Order, which is speculatively due to release around Q4 2019. The only thing we know other than the title is that "It takes place during the Dark Times, when the Jedi are being hunted". Certainly one to keep an eye on for Star Wars fans. 


EA Origin Access

EA have been pushing Origin as thier alternative to Steam and other similar services available on consoles, and in a move that mirrors attempts by Sony and others, Origin Access will be a new, premium service for Origin that allows cloud gaming and streaming to any device over the internet. 


Star Wars: Battlefront II

Fans have been long awaiting news regarding DLC, and during the confernece DICE revealed that future expansions will include levels fron the Clone Wars era, including planet Geonosis and new heros, such as Obi-WAn Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku and General Grievous. 


Unravel 2

Coldwood Interactive showed off the sequel to the 2016 string-em-up, which introduces new co-op gameplay, and also announced the release date. Which is today, by the way. So go grab it now! 


Sea of Solitude

The publisher announced that last year’s entry from its EA Originals indie-game branch, A Way Out, was a huge success, with 2 million players. The new title under the umbrella is called Sea of Solitude. 


Command and Conquer: Rivals

Command and Conquer: Rivals will soon be coming to iOS and Android with a mobile take on the ever popular real-time strategy series. We'll have to reserve judgement until we see the final game, but hopefully it does not rely too heavily on microtransactions, as EA have tended to do with mobile ports. 



Lots of new info about classes, plot and release dates were made, and there's a new trailer below to sink your teeth into. 


We'll be back soon for more E3 coverage as it happens, so keep it locked here at GameFront.

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