2016 E3 games I'm most excited about

By Mikey 7 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

So E3 has been and gone and although we did list quite a few games in our recent Modcast, I thought I'd do a list of the games I personally am most excited about.

Watch Dogs 2.0

So this one didn't seem to curry favour with FileTrekker or Sheep, but I liked the first Watch Dogs, if only because it popularized being a bit of a geek, hacking things with your phone etc. 

The concept was there, the execution was a bit off, but I'm hoping Watch Dogs 2.0 will reinvigorate things and make things better.

Spider Man  I've always loved the Spider Man games, they were one of my first forays into 'open world' gameplay. Especially Spider Man 3, where, while you could follow some form of storyline if you wanted, you also had the freedom to just swing about the city as you pleased.

I always enjoyed that, so I'm hoping this one is as awesome as it looks:

I also don't think we touched upon this in the Modcast at all, but scanning the post e3 news, I saw this one and thought it looked good. Check out the trailer:

I don't actually own a PS4 or Xbox One - so this one may swing my vote toward PS4.

Civ VI  I know this has generated a bit of buzz over on our forums, but it's worth mentioning. Again. I lost countless hours of my life to Civ V, and I'm hoping to get that "wake up on saturday go to sleep on tuesday" feeling all over again.

Things I'm excited about for Civ VI? Everything. No, literally. Annnd, of course, if you've missed the trailer, check it out below:

Skyrim Remastered  We talked about this in great deal over on our recent Modcast, so if you want to hear more about that, go check it out.

What I'm mainly looking forward to is playing Skyrim on a modern console once I get one, and the fact that it'll be free for me on PC (when I build it..).

Now, this may seem like a short list, but you may know that I have very little free time, so adding these to my arsenal alongside Europa Universalis IV, Elite Dangerous and Grand Theft Auto V should fill up my evenings and weekends nicely.


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