Bethesda E3 Roundup: Doom Eternal, Ghostwire Tokyo and Killing Nazis.

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Missed the Bethesda E3 conference this year? Grab all the details below!

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

One of E3's first shadow drops was new content for The Elder Scrolls: Blades. New jobs, arena battles, custom jewelry and a new dragon quest-line is out tonight for Bethesda's mobile game. The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch this Fall and it will support crossplay/cross progression with the mobile version.

Fallout 76

Coming this Fall a new expansion for Fallout 76, Wastelanders will introduce NPC's, a new main questline and more. It will be free to all players. Not tried Fallout 76 yet? Bethesda is doing a free trial week, June 10th through the 17th. 

Also being previewed during this free week is a Battle Royale mode called Nuclear Winter. Fight to be the overseer in this 52 player Battle Royale mode.

Ghostwire Tokyo

A new IP from the legendary Shinji Mikami was announced and we here at Gamefront are both frightened and excited by that this could mean. Details are sparse but people are vanishing in Tokyo and it's up to you to find out why.

Wolfenstein Youngblood and Wolfenstein Cyberpilot

Do you want to kill Nazis? Of course you do. There are two Wolfenstein games coming out this July.

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot is a VR game that puts you in the driver seat of stolen Nazi tech as you lay waste and Wolfenstein Youngblood lets you play as BJ's daughters as you try to find your missing father in Paris, set 20 years after The New Colossus. 


A new game from Arkane Leon pits you as one of two assassins stuck in a time loop. If at first you don't succeed... die, die again.

Doom Eternal

A game where you play The Slayer, a man literally too angry to die as he haunts the dreams of demons across the dimensions. Fight from Earth to Mars, Heaven to Hell this November 22nd. Also detailed was DOOM Battlemode, a 2 Demon vs Slayer multiplayer mode. Expect more details at this years Quakecon in August.

Other Games/Announcements

In addition to the games above there were a handful of other announcements. 

  • A Commander Keen mobile game coming this summer to iOS and Android. 
  • Elder Scrolls Online is getting new content in the form of Scalebreaker and Dragonhold. 
  • New content coming to RAGE 2 in the Rise of the Ghosts expansion. Weekly updates, new cheats, new mechs and more.
  • Bethesda announced new technology, ORION, designed to be implemented into game engines that improve streaming by improving latency, reducing overheat and using less bandwidth.

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