E3 2017 - Highlighted Trailers

By Serio 6 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

It blindsides us every year. The Electronic Entertainment Expo. It's easy to get lost in the tidal wave of information, press conferences, and trailers - which is why we've collected a few of the interesting looking game trailers that have surfaced in preparation for E3 2017, which kicks off this weekend in Los Angeles.


Vampyr Dontnod Entertainment PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

This is a game I'm personally looking forward to quite a bit. It's been a while since a good and proper Vampire game was released, so hopefully this will quench the thirst, if you can appreciate the bloody pun, eh?


Shadow of War Monolith Productions PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

Who remembers Shadow of Middle-Earth, the game that kind-of split some of the Tolkien fans? Well, it's getting a sequel - Shadow of War. And they just put out a 'story trailer' for you to drool over.


Outcast Second Contact Appeal PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

I'm not personally familiar with the original Outcast game from 1999, so I'm not sure what to think of the fact that it's getting a remake 18 years on. But the trailer does look quite interesting. I mean, it's got raptor things. That's... kinda cool, right?


Strange Brigade Rebellion PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

We're already familiar with Rebellion's works such as the Sniper Elite franchise, but with Strange Brigade they're venturing into new territory. The already charted, four player co-op territory. That said, their new IP does look  fairly intriguing, with a different setting than the usual futuristic/modern locations.


Project CARS 2 BANDAI NAMCO PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

Ahh, cars. They go really fast, and they cost a heck of a lot of money. If you can't afford a high end car, there might be good news for you - a sequel to the racing simulator, Project CARS, has been announced and the publishers have released a fancy trailer for you to gawk at!


There you have it - five exciting E3 extravagant electronic... trailers. What are you expecting from E3? Let us know in the comments below!


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