E3 2017 - Ubisoft's Press Conference Roundup

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It was a surprising press conference for Ubisoft at this year's E3, with several great title's announced, including Skull and Bones, a new pirate game with an open, shared world, as well as more information on the new Assassin's Creed: Origins.

It's fair to say Ubisoft had one of the better press conferences so far this year, after Bethesda and EA's disappointing performances. The company are focusing on new titles that have actually proved somewhat surprising, the first of which is a rather unconventional Mario and Rabbids crossover title.

---------------------------- ANNOUNCEMENTS ----------------------------

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

There had been some rumblings about this game in recent weeks, but it was finally confirmed, as Nintendo's own Shiggy Miyamoto took to the stage to announce the crossover title, which will, of course, be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The game involves the Rabbids invading the mushroom kingdom, upsetting the balance of nature and causing tears in reality, which will in turn lead to rabbids holding down areas of the map, which the player than has to battle to reclaim in a turn-based style combat, somewhat similar to XCOM 2. The game is due to be released on August 29th.[/center]

Assassin's Creed: Origins

There was a new trailer for the game shown at the event, although we saw a lot from the game at Microsoft's press conference. It expanded on the nature aspect of the game, as well as showing some recon and tactical gameplay mechanics. Following the conference, there was a session lasting 30 minutes which showed off a solid amount of the open world, and the new gear and ability systems.[/center]

The Crew 2

This is a sequel, as you may predict, to the open world MMO racing game The Crew, with new, faster cars, bigger set pieces, and, as is common in this genre with sequels, and expansion into other types of vehicles such as planes and boats. This game looks geared to compete with the likes of GTA Online, including off road races, dirtbikes and buggies, as well as plane and boat races. No release date was announced, but it was mentioned that a beta may be coming soon.

South Park: Fractured but Whole

We originally saw the game at least year's E3, but now we've got some new content in this trailer, which shows off some new cut scenes and gameplay. The trailer explains that the player starts off acting as a mole for Coon and Friends, as he infiltrates a competing superhero gang. The game will be released this year, on October 17th.


Another surprise at the conference, this game is a rather bizarre virtual reality experience, where players experience the player stumbles upon a device that lets users experience the complete brain data of another human, that is, to experience their consciousness as if it was your own. There was very little information other than this, so it does sound very vague and intriguing, but we'll know more before the Spring 2018 release date.

Skull and Bones

This was the biggest surprise of the show, a brand new game and IP, which is an epic, open shared world pirate game, which has it's inspiration rooted into the piracy and ocean systems that were built into Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, a game the lead developer worked on. There was a gameplay demo shown, which shows several ships with full crews manning weapons and showing ship movements. The game shows a tactical knowledge, with enemy ships being sometimes difficult to spot among friendly vessels.

Just Dance 2018

Yes, unbelievably these are still a thing. There's not much we would want to say about this one, except if you like dancing, then October 2018 is one to mark in your calendar. If you can wait that long. I'm sure you can.

South Park Phone Destroyer

Another unexpected announcement, this time for a new mobile game on the South Park IP, which sees the ever popular Eric Cartman screaming at the player at the start of the trailer - the game looks turn based, but it's hard to tell from the trailer exactly how it works, but expect something similar to other card games of this type which are proving popular in the mobile space currently.

Far Cry 5

Another title that has been making headlines recently, Far Cry 5's new trailer shows off a congregation gathered in front of the antagonist of the game, joining in a rather chilling rendition of Amazing Grace. The trailer then shows off some of the story, showing how a cult has taken over the country, killing natives or kidnapping and re-educating them. The island is in a state of lockdown, and you're stuck deep within enemy territory.

[center]Beyond Good and Evil 2

Well, a sequel to a game released in 2003, and it looks amazing, with the corrupted computer technology vibe of the environments, dramatic chase scenes with flying cars, the game does feel very Bladerunner-esque. Through the Space Monkey Program today to help become a part of shaping the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2. There’s a lot of passion and nostalgia behind the game, and it shows from the crowd response and emotional reaction by the developers to the announcement.


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