First look: Battlefield V's new Marita map is set in greece

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

The fourth chapter in the Battlefield V saga will be releasing on June 27th, but we've now had an early look at the upcoming Marita map, due to follow shortly afterwards in July, and it appears to be set during The Battle of Greece, as the German and Italian armies invade in 1941.

It's your typical Greek hillside village, with lots of tight, bending corners and steep inclines to content with, giving it a very much infantry focus, where all four classes will be able to take full advantage of the environment.

You start off on a steep sloping ridge, as the invading forces advance on the allied controlled village through some very rough terrain. 

Chapter 4, and in turn Marita, along with other new maps, will be a free update for owners of the game.


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