GameFront @ E3 - Day One Roundup!

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It's been an eventful E3 so far, especially for GameFront as we returned to the show for the first time since our re-launch one year ago! James Heaney, Sean Coss and Brandie Peters have been at the event working hard to bring you the latest games, interviews and hands-on demos, and here's a round-up of everything that went down on Day 1.

West Hall Live Walkthrough

We kicked off in style with a stream live just after the show floor had opened with James taking us on a whistle-stop tour of the West Hall. We get to see some of the cool offerings that we'll be getting to later in the event, including Mario & Sonic at the olympic games, and the latest from Nintendo.

Indiecade Live Walkthrough

Following on from James' live tour of the West Hall, he also gives us a walk around Indiecade, to take a look at some of the more interesting new games coming from the scene. We'll be jumping into some interviews and hands-on demos later on.

Terrorarium Developer Interview

In our first interview, James chats to Evan Jones, Creative Director of Terrorarium, a game about wanton destruction and adorable gore in player-made murder gardens. In Maker Mode, you can choose from over a hundred unique assets, including: vicious creatures, treacherous hazards, plant monsters, lovely foliage and destructible terrain. 

Lemnis Gate Hands-On Gameplay

James gets to try out Lemnis Gate, a revolutionary new way to play a First-Person Shooter with its unique time travel gameplay mechanics. Relive the Past To Change the Future.

Best Friends Re-United - James Surprises Mitch

In a special moment for the GameFront fans, James sneeks up on IGN reporter and GameFront Alumni Mitchell Saltzman, and the two share a moment that you'll not want to miss, as Mitch shows us what lies under his overshirt...

Ascend VR Interview & GamePlay

Ascend is a first-person VR arena shooter with an immersive flight locomotion system. Rise to greatness by engaging in intense aerial combat! In the world of Ascend, discover a vibrant dystopia filled with ambitious and scrappy survivors battling for glory through deadly jetpack warfare. Most of humanity has left the Earth for a future in the stars, and those that remain have been driven into visceral combat among one another for the only things they think matter. In the arena, you control your destiny.

BurgerTime Party! Developer Interview & Gameplay

James catches up with Derk Bramer from XSEED to discuss one of his guilty pleasures, the upcoming release of Burgertime Party! 

That's all the footage from our first day at E3, stay tuned to GameFront for further videos and exclusive interviews releasing later today and tomorrow!


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