Microsoft E3 Roundup; Consoles, Controllers and Games!

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Microsoft certainly had a lot to say at their E3 event; as well as the previously leaked Xbox One S, we also saw details about new controllers, "Project Scorpio", a more powerful Xbox One coming in 2017, new controllers, new games, and much more.

Xbox One S

Firstly, as we had hoped, the Xbox One S has been confirmed, and we already published the details right here. As we had hoped, the pricing has been confirmed, and the new version of the console will retail for $299.  One other interesting detail emerged about the new revision; it lacks a Kinect port. This, to me, further demonstrates Microsoft's slowly stepping away from Kinect, but there will be a Kinect to USB adapter available for those who really want to use Kinect with the One S.

We also have some more details about the new controller launching alongside the Xbox One S; it now supports Bluetooth. This is good for PC gamers, as it means you will be able to use this controller with a tablet or Bluetooth-enabled PC, for example, without having to purchase an extra adapter or dongle.

Custom My Controller  On the subject of controllers, Xbox are also introducing customisable controllers, available via their Xbox Design Lab project. This will allow you to create your own, custom Xbox Controller by combining a verity of colors to suit your own, personal tastes.

The customisable controller will feature the textured grip found on the Lunar White controller, increase range, and Bluetooth support to boot. Microsoft claim there are over 8 Million possible color combinations, which should make for some interesting and unique controllers.

Minecraft Goes Cross-Platform


Mojang have also announced at the event a new, cross-platform version of Minecraft, called Minecraft Realms. Right now it is confirmed to work across PC, iOS, Android and Gear VR devices, but news about console cross-play was not addressed at the event. To be truly successful, this really needs console support, too, but it is certainly a welcome step in the right direction.

Halo Wars 2 Confirmed


The original Halo Wars came out quite some time ago, and you'd be forgiven for not remembering that it even existed; that said, there is a dedicated fanbase for the game, and no doubt fans of this RTS version of Halo will be more than pleased with this follow-up title.

For fans of the original game, this looks like a worthy successor, and will be available on both Xbox and Windows 10.

New Xbox Live Features


Microsoft will also be rolling out three new features to Xbox Live, "Club", "Looking for Group" and "Arena".

Clubs are similar to Steam's groups, allowing you to create a community of players, and giving players a new way to find new communities to play with.  No doubt we'll be launching a FilesNation club once the feature goes live. ;)

The new Looking for Group feature will allow you to find a group of players to game with easily and quickly, while “Arena on Xbox Live,” is an all-new tournament platform for discovering, registering, and competing in online tournaments in games.

Support for Microsoft Cortana, and the ability to play background music were also confirmed at the event.

Project Scorpio


Microsoft calls it the most power console ever, and they're probably right. Microsoft promise "True VR Support" and "Full 4K gaming" at high frame rates, the console features 8 XPU cores and 6 Teraflops of processing power, this console is certainly impressive.

Both Project Scorpio and the new Xbox One S will continue to use evolutions of the same AMD SoC solutions, which means that both the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio will be fully backwards compatible will all Xbox One games and peripherals.

So what do you think of Microsoft's announcements? Are you going to buy any of these new consoles? Let us know down below!


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