Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition coming to Xbox One?

By FileTrekker 6 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

We're now well on the road to E3 2017, with sources reporting that Microsoft will announce the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft for Xbox One at the show, bringing mods, Realm support and more.

Sources at MS Power User reported that the Windows 10 edition, currently available from the Microsoft Store on the Desktop Windows 10, will be coming the the Xbox One console. This isn't too surprising, as Xbox One does run the same Windows NT core code, and supports the Universal Windows App platform. The source also shared screenshots, allegedly showing the game running on an Xbox One S.

While the app will still be called Xbox One edition on the console, it will be the same app as that currently available on Windows 10. It will also allegedly support 4K resolutions on Xbox Scorpio, with the projected release date being around the same time-frame.

The new version will mean that Xbox One and PC players, along with phone users, will be able to cross-play when using the version, and will include support for Realms, the subscription-based server-hosting solution.

Image courtesy of MS Power User

Interestingly to us, though, will be the mod support, as the upcoming in-game marketplace will be included. Players will therefore be able to upload adventure maps, skins, texture packs and other mods, which will be downloadable via the game's interface. Much like other examples of mod support for games consoles, such as that through Fallout 4, this will be a controlled process.

Unfortunately, most mods available through the marketplace will only be available via Minecraft's controversial new micro-transaction system, meaning you'll need Minecraft Coins to be able to download them, a change we reported on some weeks ago, and due to land in the upcoming Discovery Update.

The original Java version remains the place to be for any hardcore Minecraft fans, but for fans of the Xbox One console, this update should be a huge improvement over the current standalone Xbox version of the game.

Stay tuned to FilesNation for full coverage from E3 2017, with Xbox's E3 press briefing taking place on June 11th, at 10pm BST / 5pm ET / 2pm PT.


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