PC Gaming Show E3 2019 Highlights

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Published by RadioactiveLobster 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

This years PC Gaming Show brought the goods and showed off over 30 games, ranging from indie to AAA behemoths. Check out some of the highlights below. 

Evil Genius 2

The reveal announcement of Evil Genius 2 started off the show and gives you the perfect opportunity to roleplay your Dr. Evil fantasies. 

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

Announced earlier this year, we finally get to see some gameplay from this highly anticipated sequel. Aiming for a release in Q1 2020.

Chivalry II

Get ready to chop of some heads with revamped combat, movement, the addition of horses and expanded siege combat. Coming first to the Epic Games Store in 2020.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

Who you going to call? Not the Ghostbuster's because the legal team won't allow it. Inspired by the classic Garry's Mod Prop Hunt this new game pits 4 ghosts vs 4 hunters in a countdown until midnight. Hide and run as ghosts while the hunters try to take you out. Survive until midnight and the hunters become the hunted as the vengeful spirits of the fallen return as the hunters try to survive until extract.

Planet Zoo

From the developer behind Planet Coaster and Elite: Dangerous this new management sim puts you in charge of a modern zoo. Take care of your animals and totally don't delete the fence around the lion enclosure and lock the exits to the park. We know you will though.

Vermintide II Versus

Coming soon to Vermintide II is a new Versus mode where you can join the rats and see if the other side of the fight is as fun as the normal game. 


Have you ever wanted to be a shark? Have you ever wanted to bite someones legs off? Of course you have. In this new ShaRkPG you get to be the man eater explore the waters. 

Other Announcements

There were a lot of other announcements, almost too many to mention. Check out a few more below.

There was so much more it's well worth the watch. Check out a full recap of the show and see all the trailers and interviews on the PC Gamer YouTube Channel.

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