Tim Schafer discusses Microsoft's purchase of Double Fine

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

It came as a bit of a surprise during Microsoft's E3 Briefing when they announced the acquisition of Double Fine Productions, with fears Psychonauts 2 would now be an exclusive. It's caused a bit of a stir among fans of the studio, and now Tim Schafer has decided to answer some of those questions in a follow-up video on Twitter.

Commenting on the fact that the perviously independent studio was now part of the juggernaut of Microsoft, Schafer said;

Being independent for almost 20 years has given Double Fine a distinct identity and unique spirit that goes really deep here, and no one can change that. And nobody wants to, Microsoft wants us for who we are and the kind of games we're already making.

He goes on to state that it'll allow the studio to continue creating the same games it's famous for, but without the worry of how they're going to get published. 

Also nice to see was that, while the studio will be developing exclusively for Xbox and Windows 10, all their existing commitments will be fulfilled, including to backers of Psychonauts 2 on all platforms.

He goes on to confirm that he feels the deal "is actually really great" and that it will have no impact on future projects.


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