Ubisoft E3 2019 Roundup: Watch Dogs Legion, Just Dance 2020 & Rainbow Six Quarantine

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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

If you missed the Ubisoft E3 2019 Press Conference and wanted a breakdown of what was shown have a look through the announcements and updates released today.

Watch Dogs Legion

The game is set in London during what seems to be some difficult times in the capital as crime gangs grow in power as they look to take control of London whilst the establishment fails us. The trailer we saw in the press conference shows just how bad London has become in the game with criminals all over the streets and drones taking over the capital to keep some law and order.

We see a kick-arse grandma in the trailer called Helen who gets data from the New Scotland Yard and takes out a few police officers on the way. We also get to see a future Camden Market as the team try and recruit an expert drone hacker.

Clint Hocking, Creative Director of Watch Dogs Legion says that the game is “set in London, one of the greatest cities in the world and had a massive influence on all our cultures” and continues with “where London goes, all the rest of the world goes with it.”

In the game the mission is to recruit as many heroes in the game and you can recruit and play as anyone, Clint then goes on to mention in his speech about Brexit and how Londoners never surrender and how they are so resilient, well thanks Clint being a Londoner myself I'll be most certainly getting this game! Every Londoner is fully simulated in the game, they’re all unique with different back stories and voice actors. Different characters have different skills that you can utilise within the resistance, ranging from bare knuckle fighters to help you in those fights, a drone expert to deal with those deadly drones, assassins to go and kill anyone, even former MI5 agents.

Mythic Quest (TV Show)

Rob Mcelhenney, Actor from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, going to create a new TV show following a team of devs for a game called Mythic Quest which is the fictional number 1 selling MMORPG in the world. Rob takes on the role of Ian Grimm Creative Director for the games developer. It will be available on Apple TV.

Rainbow Six Siege's New Update Operational Phantom Sight

Adventure Time comes to Brawlhalla

Adventure Time characters are coming to Brawlhalla where you can play as your favourite Adventure Time characters like Finn and Jake, so if you want to give it a go make sure you get Brawlhalla!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Jon Bernthal the actor who played The Punisher in Marvels series on Netflix also plays one of the main characters in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisofts new and upcoming game. He plays Cole D. Walker in the new game who controls the Wolves who you will face in a chilling display of heroic action.

Laura Cordrey announces that the AI teammates will come back for their solo players who are playing the game. Ubisoft want to go the extra mile in regards for engagement, whereby a new platform called Ghost Recon Delta Company is coming to players, it ranges from forums, to cosplay to game streaming including direct discussions with the studio, more information can be found on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint website.

Nouredine Abboud, Executive Producer says that “You will be fighting the most dangerous enemies the ghosts have ever faced" which sounds extremely promising to gamers as that's exactly what we want! The game releases October 4th 2019, and the beta will be live on September 5th 2019. The game will be live for years to come and Nouredine finishes with “We’ve got your back. New content, free updates, and many surprises inspired by our community.”

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad – mobile game

A mobile game with characters taken from their best FPS games such as Ghost Recon, Rainbox Six and Splinter Cell. Create your team of specialists and play with your elite squad to victory, so if you can't get onto a console or your PC, keep playing Ubisoft on your mobile!

Just Dance 2020

One of the biggest games in history, it celebrates 10 years today and Ubisoft are releasing Just Dance 2020 this year to endless amounts of praise and cheers from the gaming world.  The game releases on major consoles in this November.

For Honor 

Free update coming later in 2019 and it involves a spectator mode which was announced in the Ubisoft pre-show, check out the trailer here:

An updated called Shadows of Hitokiri is coming to the game, see the trailer below:

Rainbow Six Quarantine

3 player tactical Co-op coming 2020 where Bio Jade Adam Granger, Lead Game Designer says that the team have “created a radical new design co-op experience, build on the foundations of one of the best games of the generation.” Quarantine will test your tactical skills and your survival instincts, pulls you together as a squad against an unknown parasite and you will risk everything every time you step into Quarantine, this is a game that you certainly do not want to miss.

The Division 2 

It will be absolutely free for the next week as Ubisoft look to release one of the major content updates for the year that they had planned for July which include new missions and a new game experience taking you deep into the woodlands to spearhead attack on a trader into a presidential hideout as one of the new missions coming.

It was also announced that Ubisoft are in cooperation with Netflix making The Division movie, which should be excellent and I know that we over at GameFront cannot wait more information on that or even a trailer, so keep your eyes peeled for it!


Ubisoft has a new subscription service called UPLAY+. With access to new games including the DLCs and access to 100+ games that Ubisoft has created, what more could you ask for if you're a super Ubisoft fan? It will be $14.99 per month and if you sign up now you can play their game line-up for free in September in time for release this year.

In 2020 UPLAY+ will be available on Stadia too which is the new generation of gaming platforms where you can play a game on any device. It looks to be a long term partnership that Ubisoft wants to utilise heavily and it will certainly make for an interesting development in the gaming world.

Roller Champions 2019

A new game is announced called Roller Champions a team PvP sports game that you can grow your stature and take your player to the height of success. It was announced that you can download the pre-alpha E3 demo right now and give feedback to the team.

Gods & Monsters

Marc-Alexis Cote, Senior Producer who worked on Assassins Creed said in his presentation that he wants to take a different turn away from history and its facts, instead focusing on mythology and tales that we pass on to generation after generation. The game is due to be released February 2020 and certainly presents a different graphical style to that of Assassins Creed, we’ll be keeping you posted on any updates.

What better way than to finish things off with the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot saying thank you to all the fans and players of their most brilliant games, I'll let Yves take it from here:

I believe video games have a positive impact on all of us and the world around us. At Ubisoft our intention to create games to make your stronger and happier in your life. When you play Ubisoft games we hope you spend quality time with your family and friends. To everyone who plays our games, thank you for your love. You push us to always do better and go further.

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