Watch Dogs Legion will focus on non-lethal weapons

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

While combat has not been the primary focus of the previous entries in the Watch Dogs series, it was a little jarring when trying to be a stealthy underworld hacker murdering 20 body guards and leaving them littered around your friendly local ctOS facility.

The good news is that the newest entry in the series, Legions, will be putting a much heavier focus on non-lethal forms of weaponry, with around half of them stunning or knocking out enemies rather than outright killing them.

This seems much more appropriate given the London setting, where guns and other similar types of weapons are illegal to own. This also means there's going to be some major overhaul to the combat system, too.

As well as having a much improved melee combat system, the way AI will react to you has also been given a fresh approach. Police, for example, won't use guns on you unless we've pulled a weapon out first - instead, they'll try to restrain and arrest you first, which is much more realistic given the setting.

So the focus will be less on confrontation and more on staying stealthy - as it should be -but more importantly in a combat situation, not resorting to excessive violence. There will be fatal weapons, too, for the situations that require it, but it should prove much more immersive.

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