Xbox One S leaked, 2TB HDD, 4K Video

By FileTrekker 7 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

We're just hours away from Microsoft's E3 event, and up until now, they had done a good job of keeping things under wraps; unfortunately, the beans have just been spilled, and details about the new, slim Xbox One have been confirmed.

The leak comes from NeoGAF, and shows us a generally sleeker, more elegant version of the original Xbox One, while also providing a fairly impressive boost in specifications.

Apart from a 2TB hard drive, certainly welcome in the age of digital downloads, the new console also features the ability play back 4K video (not 4K gaming though, obviously) - as well as supporting a higher dynamic range (a feature of 4K displays) - as well as a revised controller design and, at long last, a stand to allow you to stand the console vertically, much like the old Xbox 360 could.

The white design is certainly a lot more pleasing, in my opinion, and the overall smaller design, a 40% reduction, will make this much less a "Slab that looks like a Betamax" and more like something you'd be proud to have in your living room.

Pricing is still not clear, but we hope to get more information on that at the Microsoft Event, which will start shortly.

Stay tuned to FIlesNation for coverage of Microsoft's E3 event, which starts at 5.30pm UK time.


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