Conflict Of Interests Interview - Part 1!

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Published by Pille 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
There is probably noone out there who has not yet heard of the "Conflict Of Interests" mod which is currently under developement for Elite Force 2. Since I get asked very often how far the mod is actually developed I was able to arrange an interview with the mod author himself. This is part 1 of my interview with him, for time reasons part 2 will follow over the weekend. Hope you enjoy it! :) ===================================================================== [b]It has been a bit since you showed the last update of the "Conflict Of Interests" mod. How far would you rate the current developement progress?[/b] Well its an intensive projects, you have to keep in mind that everything in this mod is made from scratch; textures, models, users interface, maps, etc. And also alot of mapping is involved. For exemple, in Chapter One, you'll visit a starbase, a klingon bird of prey, and a defiant class starship. Considering all theses things we have to do I would say 25% of chapter one is done. But I can assure you that once Chapter One is done it will be alot faster to do the next chapters. [b]That is good news. Recently there have been a lot of discussions regarding the assumed "death" of the Elite Force communities. Considering you are even more in contact with the community over your mod than I currently am, what is your opinion about this topic?[/b] I don't believe EF or EF2 is dead. Go on the RPG-X forums, and you'll see that TiM and is team are very active on there so are the fans. Come to STVCOI website and you'll see that even though I sometimes forget to give updates, every week we get at least 2 new members. A dead community doesn't get new people interested every week. And also, if you look at my msn list, its getting more and more full of people who are starting their mods, their maps, for EF2. A dead community doesn't get people to start new projects! [b]That is indeed a very good point. I would like to come back to your mod again though. There have been a lot of rumours regarding the planned storyline, playable character and the general gameplay. What information can you give us about these in the current developement state?[/b] Well although I'm trying to keep the storyline a secret, I can say that I'm a writting the mod split in about 6 chapters maybe 8. I can also tell you that every chapter is like its own little star trek episode. Wich means theirs a beginning and an ending to every chapter. I'm also using what I call a 'multi-path storyline' wich means that the game will NOT be linear. You will have different ways to reach your objectives. Wich means that you could theorically play chapter one 6 times and it would be different everytime. Finally I can add that the story is pure trek. You won't be visiting new planets with aliens that I made up. It will be cannon species, locations and action. [b]I assume this means you have decided for an enemy by now, a topic there have been many rumours about as well?[/b] All I can say is that for chapter one, you'll encounter some hostile Jem'hadars... but they are not the main enemies for the mod. [b]Another point I am sure many are interested in is how you are going to manage it to make the story-line non-linear. I am not an expert for mapping and modding, however all games I have seen based on the Quake 3 engine had in comon that they featured and even required a linear storyline.[/b] If you remember EF2 it add a few moments where you could partially take control of the story, let us not forget your famous choice: 'Do I go for Telsia or do I go for Kleeya?' We will use this similar technique to bring you the 'multi-path storyline', but on a much larger scale. [b]How is this feature going to influence the developement of further chapters?[/b] Well the idea is that we want the possibility for the main character to fail his objectives and to let him continue to play the mod with this failure, unless you died lol. This will have some repercussions throughout the mod. For exemple; you might not get a promotion, wich would close down some missions that requires you to have this rank. [b]This sounds interesting. So does this mean you will get the chance to develope your character by fulfilling smaller missions?[/b] Indeed thats what it means, some of those missions could be simple character developpement missions or they could be very important for the main plot. [b]But you (the player) will not know which missions this applies to before finishing them?[/b] Indeed. [b]The character developement is certainly a good concept. Does the player have any advantage by sucessfully achieving a promotion?[/b] Well like I said before, it unlocks a few missions that is relevant to that this new rank, he might also get access to classified data. [b]Data which would be required to fulfill the main missions?[/b] It wouldn't be required but it would be helpful. [b]Well, in the name of effiles and the entire EF2 community I would like to thank you for this first inside-view, and I am already looking forward to the mod itself but also the second part of our interview! Thank you very much for taking your time![/b] It as been my pleasure. Thank you Pille and everyone else who took the time to read this. ===================================================================== Stay tuned for more :)
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