EF2 Official Site Updated Again!

21 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Today's update unlocks ALL of the media content on the website, so I guess remaining additions would include the Designer Notes and Press sections along with a few short trailers. Unlocked media includes: [list][*]3 Missions - Ancient Ruins, U.S.S. Enterprise and Planet Tolochon II [*]2 Hazard Team Members - Jorge Gonzalez and Korban [*]6 Enemy & Allies - Leviathan, Basher, Advanced Borg Drone, Romulan Snow Soldier, Ferengi Merchant and Naussicaan Male [*]2 Weapons - Attrexian Arc Launcher and Tetyron Gattling Gun[/list] Head to the official website to check it all out: http://www.st-ef2.com/

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