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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago



I'm not the best at introducing myself so instead of making a hoopla about it I'll do what I do best - cut straight to the point.

I am your new Site Administrator. I prefer to be called IKS.

Some of you know who I am as I have been a prominent member of the Star Trek Gaming community for quite some number of years. Some of you don't but that is cool. In all honesty, I have not been a constant member of the Elite Force Community though I was and still am a major fan of both games (EF 1 mostly though), and the odd time I still drop by here and there. So let's get down to it.

What of my experience here on Filefront? Well I like to think that I do have some considerable experience in managing and running sites on FF. I have worked on Operation Flashpoint Files, Armada 2 Files and even did a short stint on Elite Force Files a good while back ;).

Currently I work on Solar Files helping them get the site up & running, and I have been the site manager for Legacy Files since March 2007. So I know what I am doing. I've been apart of volatile communities before so I know how to handle myself. Like me or not, I am here now.

"That's great an' all IKS but what does your appointment mean exactly?"

Well things will still run smoothly, I guarantee you that. I will keep the PotM running. In fact you will see a new one posted up for October later today. I will attempt to spruce the site up a bit in terms of graphics and give it my all. That is a promise. However I will need your cooperation too, as members you are very important to the site, just as important as the staff in every single way. The PotD queue is to be perfectly honest, paltry, with only 8 shots in it. PotDs are needed, badly. So a little help there will be nice. Also if you have any news items regarding mods, happenings within the community and even mods your planning then send it in to me. Any news is good news.

I will be bringing Elite Force based polls back to the site. Polls will consist of content primarily based on both games, and the odd few times I will throw in a few star trek based polls. This is Elite Force Files and it is Star Trek so that is what the polls will be about. I have other features I will wish to deploy on the site so keep an eye out over the coming months for changes and/or new features.

I will be looking at the siteuser bans for Elite Force Files, if a member is still banned I will look into it. If I deem it right I will reinstate them to be able to access the site. What is past is in the past and there it should stay. Agree with it or not, it will be done.

Now on to the last item on the agenda, Staff appointment. I will be appointing staff. I don't believe in one member site staff. I will require a file and news poster. I may even push the boat out a little and appoint a comment moderator also. However, I won't be actively seeking new staff members until early December but if you wish to get your applications in now then by all means do. The more you know about the community and the game the better so make sure you let me know about that.

I guess that is that. I'm priviledged to work on this site and I hope we can work well together to keep this site moving forward. :thumbsup:

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