Elite Force Review: Episode Five

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Published by Luke20 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Welcome to the fifth epsiode of the Elite Force Review! :)

Whilst it was thought earlier today that the show would be delayed due to poor John having computer troubles, hes overcome them in time to finish this week's episode! Starting with this installment, there are a few differences, most importantly being the weekly news update which will now be presented by John in a seperate show mid-week (watch out for this in a few days).

Featuring in this week's episode:

  • The Fish Story mod including an interview with it's creator.
  • An attempted review of Elite Force 1 for PS2 (with Luke's friend Tom).
  • Disfunction Junction map review.
  • What's On.
  • Luke's Final Thought (With a mention of a new EF project in the works!).

As always, check out the Elite Force Review website! :D

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