Elite Force Review: Episode One

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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


This is the new Elite Force Review show. What is Elite Force Review? Well EFR is a weekly video broadcast which seeks to give news and reviews on happenings in the Elite Force Community. Every week I will be posting up the new episode on EF Files.

  • In the week's episode we have.....
  • RPG-X 2.2 Beta
  • EF2 Co-op mod
  • The latest Captain Proton mod news
  • Map of the Week
  • Your What's On Guide

Make sure to leave comments on the Review here or indeed on their youtube channel. Also make sure to contact them if you want to pass them on your ideas or requests.

I will be on next week's episode being interviewed so watch out for that. Tune in same time, same Elite Force Channel!

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