Elite Force Review: Season Two, Episode Two

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Published by Luke20 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Welcome to the Season 2, Episode 2 and the tenth episode of Elite Force Review! :) John Fisher and Luke Sutton bring you all the weekly news and reviews you need in the world of Elite Force. This episode is split into two-parts. This week, John and Luke are in support of Comic Relief. Do something funny for money!

Featuring in this week's episode:

  • The latest EF news including Co-Op mod.
  • The Whats On Guide.
  • Luke takes a stroll around Virtual Dreadnought for Mod Review.
  • Mod Mix Up! When Virtual Voyager meets Starbase 11 in BaseEF!
  • John reviews the top 10 most downloaded CTF maps!
  • Luke's Final Thought - The Forge reaction, Comic Relief and Tribble mini-game.

Elite Force Review
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