Elite Force Two: The Best Videos

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Published by Luke20 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Its Elite Force Two week! Hurray! Lets take a look at the best official and fan-made videos about the second Elite Force game. I've been digging around youTube for a bit and I've picked out some good trailers and fun clips from SP and MP!

Got a video you've found that you think should be covered here? Leave a comment below and I'll put it up here! :D

  • Pre-Release Trailer One of the first trailers to pop onto the web for this game. You can see some familar bits, but in early stages of production. Just look at the weapons and hud! Eww!
  • Elite Force 2 Opening Credits A cross between the EF1 opening and Patrick Stewart's booming TNG voiceover. The graphics are good too: The Enterprise-E as you've not seen her before.
  • Monsters and Enemies A trailer video about the monsters and enemies in EF2. I hadn't seen this myself until I found it today. Its not bad.
  • Multiplayer and Classes A trailer showing the better part of EF2 holomatch: the specialties. Some decent action here.
  • Crushed by a Federation shuttle A short, but funny (and very stupid) video where Munro gets crushed by a shuttle.
  • RPG Enterprise-E A tour around the RPG version of the Ent-E for Elite Force Two.
  • Babes of EF2 A video that makes you want to facepalm with embarrasment for Ritual. Having said that, Kirk had his fair share of scantly clad girls...
  • Multiplayer Event - Muse Hysteria A video from a 2004 multiplayer event. Most interesting in this video is the EF2 version of the most iconic EF1 HM map; Delta Station.
  • Borg War An often overlooked fan series and one of the best Trek machinimas involving EF2. Borg War is set 17 years after Voyager's return home, in the midst of a Borg invasion. Don't be put off by the title, though: the plot is rather clever! The rest of the episodes are avaliable on youTube if you like this!
  • Star Tracks: Silverado

Recommended by John Fisher. A hilarious machinima that I'd seen before a long time ago but forgotten about a seriously messed up Starfleet ship!

I hope these have encouraged you to play Elite Force Two! :p Get fraggin'.

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