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Published by Pille 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
A short while ago, in the shadow of the "Conflict Of Interests" mod, there has developed a new mod project for EF2. Those of you who are expecting this to be just another "no-name" mod will be positivly surprised that it comes extremly close to the quality of the "Conflict Of Interests" mod, which the author Admiral Hocking was now even hired as a mapper for. To introduce his mod and to give you a short preview with some exclusive screenshots we had a first interview with him today, hopefully followed by many more in the future. =========================================================================== [b]You are currently working on the mod "Star Trek Explorer" for Elite Force 2. As the mod is still very new and not too well known yet, could you please give us some general information about it?[/b] Well Star Trek Explorer is set between the events of DS9 season 3 and Voyager season 7. The mod will see action from the Movie First Contact and other areas of that time. It will for the moment be set mostly on the USS Explorer a Galaxy Class starship. [b]What sort of modification is it going to be?[/b] The modification will be single player and we are in the early stages of story development. I am also considering making altered versions of the story maps for RPG purposes as EF2 has little in terms of good RPG maps. [b]How far is the current progress of the storyline developement?[/b] Very early, we only have a basic outline. [b]Can you tell us a bit more about that please?[/b] So far we have the idea that the player will start on-board the Explorer during the Borg Invasion of Sector 001, seen during "First Contact," the player will need to defend the ship from incomming drones and ultimately prevent the ship from distruction or assimilation. However this is not going to be the entire story, only the beginning, the Borg are a little over-used in my opinion. [b]Which other races can we expect to see in the mod?[/b] Borg are at the moment the only confirmed ones, other posabilities are Romulan or Klingon. A very small chance of seeing new character models im afraid. But the ones you see wont be exactly the same as in the stock EF2. [b]Can you give us some more info about the main character?[/b] Of course. The main character is Lt. Johnathan Douglas, upon graduation from the Academy Johnathan was assigned to Starbase 24 as a security officer. Over time he earned merit for his actions and became close friends with several of the Flag Officers on the station. Through his actions he was promoted and granted a position on the Explorer. Johnathan has a dark past....but that will be revealed in the story. [b]What locations beside the USS Explorer are planned?[/b] Well other than the Explorer, Johnathan (the player) will be visiting Starbase 24. Starbase 24 is a remote outpost on the edge of Federation space. When the player goes back there you will have the chance to uncover more about your character. You will also be able to more or less explore locations freely, however in dire situation that will not be possible as that would risk the story. At the moment other locations we are thinking of are a Romulan Vessel, Borg Vessel and Klingon colony. The Explorer and the Starbase will however have more detail to them and more oppertunity to explore. Starfleet Medical will also be involved. [b]Which exploreable areas are planned for the Explorer and the starbase?[/b] On the USS Explorer most of the locations will be ones that were seen in ST: TNG. Such as freedom to roam around decks and interact with crewmembers. Key locations of the ship are going to be the most detailed as players will expect most from locations they have seen on TV. As for the Starbase; Command Deck Crew Quarters Promenade Recreational Deck The recreational deck will be different from the Promenade in that the Promenade has shops but no entertainment and the recreational area will be the oposite. [b]That sounds very promising! Thank you very much for this first interview, and I hope we can stay in touch![/b] You are very welcome. I will be in constant contact with anyone that wishes to be kept up-to date.
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