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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hello Everyone

A new staff position is open, as promised last month during my introduction to you guys I said I was going to start hiring people for different positions. The position up for grabs is a files poster/comment moderator. Its going to be a two man operation from now on, and possibly three in the new year if I decide we could use the extra manpower

Here is the link to the Application

A few things to note, If you are signing up just to be a member of staff and have a staff moniker next to your name for the sake of it then do not even bother. The hours are crap, overtime is mandatory & unpaid, the pay is absolutely terrible and the canteen food is a health and safety risk, but you still get to take part in the magical circus that is the Filefront Network Staff!

You do not have to have previous Filefront experience but a knowledge of the community is vital. Also you must be willing to work hard and be neutral in the community. And a helpful tip, be honest and sincere in your application as that will go along way.

Hope to see some applications from you! :)

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