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Published by Pille 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
As you probably already know MaxLoef, a bit known from the Star Trek Bridge Commander community, has announced the production of a new Elite Force 2 role-playing map. He now gave a bit more detail about how the general concept of the map which could as well be considered a mini-mod will look: The general idea follows that of a modification I was part of myself once called the Nemesis project. It is based on ship vs ship combat, in this new map namely an Akira class vs a Romulan D'Derix class Warbird. With partially new and partially modified scripts from the Single Player campaign (mission 6) the currently involved mappers want to make a ship vs ship battle possible - everyone who already had to fight that bugger of an Idryll ship on the Enterprise hull mission knows what I mean. ;) The final goal of the RP will be to destroy the enemy, which can be done in 2 ways. You can either place a critical shot on their engineering section/warpcore, or beam over a boarding party to destroy the core (which will for sure be the more fun part hehe). On request of the author who is a great friend of mine I agreed to participate on this as alpha/beta tester, so in the future I hope to give you some better impressions of the progress from an insider view ;) Until then you can find 2 new screenshots showing the progress of the Akira class bridge below. Stay tuned :)
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