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Assorted Maps USS Solaris v1.0

The USS Solaris is a Nova Class variant. This is not the Equinox variant, however something slightly more on par with voyager. This is my fi...


Assorted Maps Halls of Death v1.0

Created by NtK Perun - A medium sized map.Thx to Ober for help in scripting and his help managing bloody uberradiant.


Assorted Maps City of Feria

It's always nice to see a new map, especially for Elite Force 2. This is the City of Feria created by NtKPerun. This map includes map file b...


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Assorted Maps Patrol

Not every day you get to see a brand new Elite Force 2 map but here we have Patrol.


Assorted Maps RPG Starfleet Academy

An EF2 RPG map. Havn't had one of these for a while, but Oberlerchner123 has converted us a roleplay / multiplayer version of Starfleet Acad...


Assorted Maps DS7 Starbase (Teaser)

As the desciption goes it isn't every day we get a brand new file for Elite Force 2 but today we get a brand new Single Player Mission For E...