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All Files In Star Trek: Elite Force II Utilities
Utilities Forgotten Danger Mod - Source

and scripts, as well as with a own story line. Due to the recent development the developing team had to drop the Project and decided to rele...


Utilities BSP-Level based game Engines

English document.Says it all really. Nice tutorial from the lovable Chrissstrahl!~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor).


Utilities Bounding-Box Introduction

It is one of the very raw basics for a good id Tech 3 gamer, mapper and modder to know what the Bounding-Box is. This tutorial will introduc...


Utilities UberRadiant basic tutorial

sizes in UberRadiant. A nice little starter tutorial if you want to start mapping for EF2!


Utilities UberRadiant basic tutorial - Part 2

NtKPerun, and compliments the first one well if you are a beginner.~ Luke20 ("The Tenth Doctor")


Utilities UberRadiant Patches tutorial

mappers to make more for EF2.Good stuff here.~ Luke20 ("The Tenth Doctor").


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Utilities Custom shaders

A small file from NtKPerun who brings us two of his custom shaders including some tips on how to make Shaders easier for you!


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Utilities How to use mp_flags in EF2

look if you develop for EF2.


Utilities Mapping Standards for EF2

does NOT tell you how to build maps! Some users have been waiting along time for this tutorial to become released.Chrissstrahl[/b...


Utilities Adding Servers To Your Favourites

this .zip file also comes along with IP numbers for various servers.


Utilities EF2 Master Server

This is the Windows 32bit version of ef2master version 1.0, a master server for Star Trek - Elite Force 2.


Utilities ef2master linux

This are precompiled linux binaries (i386 and x86_64) of ef2master version 1.0.ef2master is a masterserver for Star Trek - Elite Force 2.


Utilities EF2 Master-Server Toogle fix patch (win)

quite useful if game support is ever pulled.


Utilities Elite Force II Widescreen Tutorial

This tutorial will show you had you can get Elite Force 2 to fit a widescreen monitor. Check out the screenshots to see the difference.


No Screenshot

\"i had some old files of my extern drive for ef2hope you can do something with itits a shootable cracked wall\"This useful for any modders...