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Graphics Tools .DDS To .TGA Convertor

Let Ef2 Modding commense! gameRevolt has created a tool that enables .dds files, when double clicked, to be automatically converted to .t...


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Graphics Tools DDS Photoshop Plugin + NVDXT Tools

For those of you with Photoshop, this will make working with DDS textures much easier.


Graphics Tools DDS Converter

YAY! Here is the next version of DDS Converter. The changes: [---> Change Log


Graphics Tools Instant Texture Viewer

I'm sure every modder out there who has to deal with DDS files will appreciate this. Bluehair has created this utility that lets you open...


Graphics Tools DDS Converter

Here's a handy program to allow you to easily convert to DDS (and other formats) easily. The program supports DDS, TGA, JPG, BMP, PNG and P...


Graphics Tools DDS Thumbnail Viewer

This file will let you see thumbnails in windows explorer for dds images. Very useful for EF2 textures.