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Modifications EF2 Weapon Sounds

This mod changes some of the weapon sounds its pretty cool


Modifications Idryll weapons and Uniform mod

These are 2 mods in one, U can change the uniforms and U can install the mod to make the iddryll weapons useless at the mission where the en...


Modifications FC Combadge

This mod replaces the EF2 combadge with the First contact combadge seen in the movies


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Modifications Zack's Rifle sound mod

This mod changes the compression rifle and enhanced compression rifle sounds. Personnaly I like the original sounds better, but that's just...


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Modifications Zack's Rechargable Weapons Mod

Makes all your weapons recharge automatically, though its more of an infinite ammo thing. Adds a little upgrade to the enhanced compression...


Modifications Multiplayer Phaser STX Modification

This is a pretty cool mod. What it does is changing the multiplayer Phaser and Tricorder to the nemesis ones. Very impressive. It can be use...


Modifications Skip intro mod

This is a pretty handy mod. Instead of pressing 4 times the ESC button to get to the main menu you now go straight away to it. Very handy. S...


Modifications Telsia in Gold hazardsuit

This mod changes telsia to have a gold uniform. This does make sense. Munro needs red cause he is commanding the hazard team, jurot blue bec...


Modifications TNG uniforms

This mod will replace all First contact style uniforms (also hazard suits) with a TNG variant. There are some glitches still and I don't li...


Modifications Enterprise E Deflector fix

This mod fixes the deflector dish. I must say this looks a LOT more cannon then the stock one. From readme: When I first got EF2...


Modifications Team logo MOD

This changes the logo floating above red and blue players to an EF logo instead of an arrow. Very nice! I always hated those arrows.


Modifications TNG and DS9 uniforms

For a few years, Starfleet had two uniforms worn in active service, and when the Enterprise would visit DS9, they would be in the sam...


Modifications Transparant Delta Flags

This mod changes the logo's in the flag to a Transparant Delta logo. Looks quite cool. I won't rate it since it's only a small texture ch...


Modifications Purple Transporter

This mod changes the federation transporter effect to a purple one. The effect hasen't changed, it's just a texture change. Personnaly I l...


Modifications Tempest's Damage indicators

These are new damage indicators. I like these better. The stock ones are just 'arrows'. Good job Tempest.


Modifications TNG Combadge

This mod replaces the EF2 combadge with the "The Next Generation" combadge seen in the series.


Modifications TOS Transporter

Well, here it is for EF2. I made one for EF1 and now one for EF2. TOS fans, grab this. I can't rate it since I made it myself. TOS has a fe...


Modifications Voyager uniforms

This changes hazard team suits to voyager ones and first contact uniforms to voyager ones.


Modifications ST:X Tricorder and Phaser Mod

Client side mod that changes phaser and tricorder in Multiplayer to Nemesis-era ones.


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Modifications Kahless Weapons mod

This mod replaces much weapon sounds to klingon type. Well, that's about it. The sounds are high quality so klingon lovers will love this


Modifications HaZardModding Coop Script Mod 4.10

Chrissstrahl has uploaded his latest version of the HaZardModding Coop Script Mod. This is the zipped version. Mod Info:The HaZa...


Modifications HaZardModding Coop Script Mod 4.10 - Installer

Chrissstrahl has uploaded his latest version of the HaZardModding Coop Script Mod. This is the window's installer version. Mod Info[/b...


Modifications HaZardModding Coop Mod 6.07

This is the Version 6.07 of the HaZardModding Coop Mod.With over 300 changes (again) it is kind of hard to pick only a few changes to be rep...


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Modifications Ultimate Patch

MP to make it way better.Some EF1 features are like the detpack (lovely, huge explosion now }> ), the ability to talk to your attack/target...