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Unofficial Release autoexec.cfg_ef2_tunning

This is essentially a config file originally made for the ef2 league 2006. This config among other things, was designed with ant...


Unofficial Release berradiant Fix

Editor.This fix also contains the surfacelist.txt,it needs to be placed at "ef2/base/global/". The surfacelist.txt file is used to define Fo...


Unofficial Release RPG_Academy Bug-fix Update

location.- The door leading into a death-end corridor is now locked.- Environmental sound problems.- Reduced network lag.- All blocking Clip...


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Unofficial Release EF2 Client-Side Master Server Patch

change the variable:sv_master1


Unofficial Release New Master Server Fix-Patch

The Elite Force II community is using a new Master server. This tool will route the game to the new master server.


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Dedicated Server Unofficial Linux Dedicated Server

Simply, someone getting bored that Ritual didn't make any Linux server for EF2, he decided to make his own. Pretty cool. Maybe EF2 will ha...


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