Academy Murder (Preview)



Here we have a teaser cinematic of a mod called Academy Murder., as far as I know this is the first time an intro to a mod has so hats of to you Dr bob :D

I do hope in the finished version the models will be able to talk as that would be excellent and would only Add to the nice work he has done on this. :p

Read the readme to get it to work . !




Mod Title:	Academy Murder Intro
Mod Genre:	Introduction to Murder
E-Mail:		[email protected]
Website:	drbob.tomjepp.co.uk
Creator:	Geometry: DrBob
		Scripting: DrBob & Ritual Entertainement
Creation Time:	Geometry: 1 Hour
		Scripting: 1 Hour
		Total: 2 Hours
New Additions:	New Sounds: Yes
		New Cinematics: Yes
		New Scripts: Yes
Tools:		Ubertools GDK
		Microsoft Notepad
Description:	This is a tantalizer for the new mod of
		mine: Academy Murder.
		The mod is about a Professor who is
		murdered just before completing an
		amazing new piece of research/technology
		for the Federation. YOU have to find out
Installation:	Extract the 'academymurder.pk3' file to the
		'base' directory of your Star Trek:
		Elite Force II installation.
How To Use:	After installing the mod, start up Elite
		Force II and type 'map academymurderl1'
		into the console.
Thanks:		Thanks to Ritual Entertainment for
		creating such a good and moddable game and
		to Activision for producing all these
		Star Trek games.
Disclaimer:	I dismiss all responsibility if this mod
		ruins your computer. It has, however
		been thoroughly tested.
		All trademarks are the properties of
		their respective owners.
Why Make It?:	I made this file to see if cinematics
		were possible without all the special
		programs that Ritual had.
		They are.

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